AI-Driven, Human-Backed Care Navigation

Maximize in-network retention & minimize readmissions with Rely's AI-driven navigation services. With Rely, patients have a companion to guide them throughout their care journey.
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We combine human empathy with technology

Rely harnesses advanced AI technology to augment our navigators and your care teams, enabling them to efficiently engage with a significantly larger number of members each month—up to 10 times more—without compromising the quality and consistency of care.

With Rely, each patient receives a steadfast companion on their healthcare journey. This integration of AI not only ensures high-quality engagements, but also makes comprehensive care more accessible and cost-effective for all patients
Scalable, enterprise-wide solutions for
any population
Post-Acute Care
  • Reach every member
  • Retain and acquire members in your network
  • Coordinate to appropriate care levels & specialty types
  • Uncover access to care issues
Behavioral Health Navigation
  • Substance Use: Alcohol, Opioids, Stimulants, etc.
  • Mental health coordination
  • Medication Assisted Treatment guidance for care plans
  • Reduce re-admissions and  high-cost recidivism
starts with a simple text message

Personalized Care Concierge For All

Customized, empathetic AI chatbots
83% response rate across all demographics and age groups
Custom-tailored to specific populations and care needs
Unlock barriers to adherence
Boost Patient Retention
Improve Net Promoter Scores
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Add A Human Touch

Realistic, Empathetic AI Phone Calls for Harder to Reach Patients

16,000+ calls to date
with active monitoring & human intervention for unexpected scenarios.
Listen to a Sample Call Between an AI Care Navigator and Patient

Engagement Assistant Features

Unlock your engagement potential

With Rely, you can outreach to every single member.
(reduction in leakage)
appointment adherence
decrease in ER high utilization
of patients established with a primary medical home
NPS improvement
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Patients & Care Teams Alike
Love Rely

96% care team satisfaction
93% positive patient feedback

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